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Our Story

The moving company LL Janek Moving was founded in 1951 in Waco, Texas, by L.L. Janek, known as "Double-L" to almost everyone. For over 40 years, Double-L ran all aspects of the company, making the name JANEK synonymous with family-owned moving in Waco, Texas.

In 1997, Sean and Stefanie Medlin bought the company and continue to do what has been done since the early 1950's:  make Janek Moving Waco's best family-owned moving company in Central Texas. We boast a 65-year span of continuous and personalized moving.

Times have changed. Today we communicate via cell phones and text messages. We offer credit cards and self-scheduling options. But no matter how much society changes, we will always work as a family to be present to answer you personally and efficiently, be it via phone, messages, texts, emails, or good old-fashion face-to-face contact. So no matter how you wish to communicate, we want to make your moving experience a positive one that can accommodate your desires and needs.  We are here for you. We are Janek. And remember, WE MOVE WACO.

Janek Moving
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