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Our Trucks & Teams

  • Stefanie.  22 years. Answers the phones, communicates with the customers, and schedules the jobs.  She also is the lead packer, especially with kitchen and breakable items.

  • Sean.  22 years. Manages and trains the crews, is lead foreman on many of the jobs and keeps the vehicles and equipment ready to go. He also assists with packing jobs.

  • Tristin. 5 years.  Crewmember and occasionally the foreman on jobs. He is the son of the owners.  He has actually been a part of this company since he was born, so he is well-versed in all aspects of moving. We call him “the bearded one.

  • Scott.  7 years. A previous foreman who is very appreciated. While he has gone on to do his own ventures, he is occasionally called upon for his expertise and skills for big moves and projects.

  • Darrell. 6 years.  Crewmember, foreman, packer, and whatever needs to be done.  He brings a calmness to the crew.  He has seen it all and can do it all.

  • Myranda. 2 years.  Office manager. Myranda is actually part of the family.  She has been around JANEK since she was a little girl. Now a new mother, she’s moving into an office management position. 

  • Robert. 2+ years. Crewmember and excellent all-around get-it-done person. Because of his positivity and willingness to do anything needed, he is one of our favorite people we’ve had work for us throughout the years.

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