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Of the course of the past 20 years, we get some frequently asked questions. Below are some of the most asked. We are happy to pass these on to you. If you have more specific questions, feel free to call the office to talk to someone in person.


Q. How do I get an estimate?


A. Many estimates can be done over the phone. These days, texting is one of the most popular ways because everything is there for reference. We can even come in the home to give you an estimate if you want to. We suggest that we give in-home estimates if you are considering us packing as well as moving you.


Q. How will my items be protected?

A. Protecting your items is our number one priority. We protect everything before we load. We shrink-wrap the blankets to your furniture to ensure there are no damages while loading, unloading, or transporting.


Q. What forms of payment do you take?

A. We accept all forms of payment, including cash, check, and credit card. (Please note that there is a credit card fee.)


Q. What is the policy about tipping?

A. As with any service, tipping is absolutely discretional. We tell our guys not to expect tips; but if the customer is so inclined, they are appreciated. All tips go directly to the crew members for that particular job and should be given to the crew directly. 


Q. How do I know my items are safe?


A. In addition to the wrapping of all your furniture, we also ensure that your items never leave our vehicle. Your personal crew shows up in one moving vehicle that will be yours for the entire job.  In addition, you will sign to make sure your items were delivered safely and in their entirety. 


Q. Will you disassemble and reassemble my items?

A. The simple answer is this: we will do what you want us to. We will do as much or as little as you want. We are trained in moving, disassembling, and reassembling all household items.  You tell us how we can help, and we will be glad to accommodate. 

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