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We are a full-service moving company and have been since 1951.  Most of our jobs consist of moving our customers from one home to another in the Central Texas area.  Since the average family moves every 4.7 years, we strive to keep our clients’ needs first and foremost; thus, we have a very high retention rate of returning customers.  We also move long distance and offer commercial and office moves as well as residential.


At times we have clients who move to the Waco area from long-distance (welcome to Waco!) and hire us to unload their items into their new home.  Likewise, there are the occasional clients who move out of state (they will miss us!) and want us to load their rental vehicle in the professional way that they have come to expect from Janek Moving.  These services we offer, and we do it well, utilizing our equipment and professional expertise to make the moving experience a positive one.


The truth is that moving is very stressful: the upheaval of family, the moving of all items, the relocation to a new home or area, not to mention trusting your personal belongings to strangers.  But that is what we do, and why we are Waco’s most trusted and reliable company to handle this service for you.  Whatever your needs, we are knowledgeable and proficient in the art of moving your items in a safe and stress-free manner.  That is why We Move Waco and have been for over 65 years


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Janek Moving
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